Saturday 19th May Stableford Round Results

  • June 25, 2018

Saturday 19th Stableford Round Results
Overall Winner; Callum Harvey 42
A Grade; 1st Jay Ilsley 39, 2nd Wayne Dunford 39, 3rd Tys Ploenges 38
B Grade; 1st Andrew Clements 40, 2nd Martin Markiewicz 38, 3rd John Robertson 38
C Grade; 1st Brian Vawser 37, 2nd Frank Pinneri 34, 3rd Brenton Speck 34
Ladies; 1st Di Perryman 36, 2nd Lyn Annand 31
Ball Winners; Neal Doody, Joshua Gale, Trevor Little, Kynan Davey, Stephen Smith, Kane Baldwin, David Johnston, Colin Stratford, Aaron O’Donnell, David Goldspring, Rose Price
Eagle; Jay Ilsley 15th
Pro Shots; Colin Tester 5th, Jay Ilsley 16th
NTP; Tim Bates, John Robertson
Best Front 9; John Robertson, Di Perryman

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