Overall Club Points

1st – Blue Lake Golf Club 31.222

Port Fairy 29.6

Heywood 29

Portland 27.526


1st – Darrel Mahoney 43pts Port Fairy

2nd – Tony Bunworth 40pts Heywood

3rd – Jayden Mcleod 39pts Heywood

Men Novelties

2nd Hole NTP B Grade – Paul Novotney

5th Hole Pro Shot – Bryce Smith

7th Hole Straightest Drive – Noah McLeod

16th Hole Pro Shot A Grade – Dean Wilson

14th Hole NTP – Stephen Easterbrook


1st – Trish Florakx 37pts Portland

2nd – Trudy Herbert 36pts Blue Lake

3rd – Sue Agars 35pts Blue Lake

Ladies novelties

7th Hole Straight Drive – Helen Stratford

5th Hole Pro Shot – Anne Dickenson

14th Hole NTP A Grade – Mary Windsor

14th Hole NTP B Grade – Lyn Gill

16th Hole Second Shot A Grade – Helen Stratford

16th Hole Second Shot B Grade – Michelle Blain


3rd Hole – Brad Talbot

17th Hole – Brett Perryman

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported the event a great day was had by all.

See you in Portland in 2024

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