Wednesday 27.7.22 RESULTS

The July Monthly Medal sponsored by Grant & Dianne Perryman

2nd Round of the Scotty’s loader Services President’s trophy

3rd Round of the international Bowl

Division 1:

Winner – Dianne Perryman 97/21/76

Runner Up – Karen Panagopoulos 106/27/79

NTP 2nd shot on 14th Hole – Karen Panagopoulos

Division 2

Winner – Carolyn Melhuish 115/36/79

Runner Up – Rose Case 124/40/84

NTP 2nd shot on 14th Hole- Lucy Richards

PRO-SHOT on 5th Hole – Helen Stratford

Birdie – Karen Panagopoulos 5th Hole

Ferrets – Karen Panagopoulos 17th Hole , Lucy Richards 10th Hole, Dianne Allen 6th Hole & Lesley McPherson 2nd Hole

Least putts

Divison 1 – Josie Ashby 30

Divison 2 – Dianne Allen 29

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